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It is impossible to transfer a license to another machine, once a license was activated. You can install the software on another machine. But you will need to generate a new license file.

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No, you do not need another license file in case more terminals were purchased, you simply need to update an existing license file.

Category: CRM & Licensing

To display your Hardware ID, from IdentyTech Configuration Manager (Start->Programs->IdentyManage-> Configuration Manager), click Get Hardware ID.

An example of a Hardware ID is: BF9000Z4S12652

Please Note:  The “Hardware ID” is NOT a serial number that appears on the boxes with a shipped products.

If you cannot find the Hardware ID for the product you are activating, please contact IdentyTech Solutions Support Team at:, for inquiries within USA please contact our US Team at: .

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To retrieve a Hardware ID, open “Configuration Manager” (Start->Programs->IdentyManage-> Configuration Manager), and click on “Get Hardware ID” button. Copy the number that appears on the screen.

Please note: IdentyManage software or IDT-SDK must be installed prior to license generation.

Browse to, “License” section. Click on “Generate license” button and paste previously copied Hardware ID.  You can also mark modules and choose a relevant Sub-company in case available.

Click on “Generate” button. The system will automatically generate the license file.

In order to download the license file, press the “Download” near the Hardware ID in the list.

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In case more terminals were purchased by the customer and needs to be used by the software, it is required to update a license file.

This can be simply done by logging into the CRM portal –> Licenses section.

To update a license file simply click the “Download” button near the hardware ID of your PC in the list.

This will download an updated license file.

After the license file is downloaded, please apply it by using a “Configuration manager”.

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In case you forgot a password for IdentyTech CRM account, please write us an email to Also, please specify your Username and your company name.

New password will be automatically sent to you via email (to the email you registered with).

Category: CRM & Licensing

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