Fingerprint Desktop Scanners

Our Fingerprint Sensors deliver the most secure, convenient and reliable fingerprint authentication technology on the market today. The field-proven sensors with multispectral imaging technology now have several key enhancements, including four times faster image capture on embedded sensors, a top-ranked MINEX III certified algorithm for better accuracy, and FBI-certified WSQ image compression for fast and accurate image transfers.

Multispectral technology
Returns superior images on anyone, anytime, in any environment.
Liveness detection
Prevents the fraudulent use of biometric data
Integrated Card Readers
Optional Card enrollment and management platform
Various Options
Available with / without integrated Omnikey card readers

The fingerprint readers provide:

  • Simplified access: Enrolls and verifies everyone, every time, in all environmental conditions with unsurpassed biometric performance for a quick and easy user experience and worry-free deployment in the real world.
  • Excellent interoperability: Meets international biometric interoperability standards, allowing for easy integration into existing authentication systems and future-proofing your deployment.
  • Best-in-class liveness detection: Prevents the fraudulent use of biometric data by recognizing and rejecting fakes and spoofs.