Biometric enrollment

The following guide is created to assist the person responsible for the biometric enrollment.

The Person who responsible for the biometric enrollment procedure should be patient, professional with  good personal communication,  before starting the enrollment procedure its very high important to explain the user the enrolling process and the optimal finger area that we want to record/enroll. Prior to enrollment, the person in charge has to explain the concept of enrollment of fingerprint / palm biometric key production.

We recommend to enroll at least 2 fingers (one on each hand) or more in case it is required. For the palm enrollment we recommend to enroll both hands.


The Fingerprint enrollment procedure

Correct enrollment

Placing the finger on the enrollment sensor is high important, full coverage of the finger on the enrollment surface pattern will supply good and accurate template of the enrolled person.

Try to cover the entire area of ​​the reader by the following examples:

Incorrect enrollment

DO NOT put finger on the sensor surface like that:


The Palm-Vein enrollment procedure

The following illustrations show the physical view and drawings of the palm guide. Since the palm vein technology is touch-less, it is recommended to use a hand guide for a first 2 month in order to train the users to place a hand correctly.

The following illustration is the range which signifies the vertical length of the palm and shows what part of the palm is being enrolled.

Correct enrollment

Try to cover the palm guide area from the wrist to finger by the following examples:

Incorrect enrollment

DO NOT put your hand on the guide surface area like that:


Download Enrollment Instructions

Download Usage Instructions

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