Getting started with the CRM portal

Each IdentyTech customer will receive an email form which will invite him to register in IdentyTech CRM portal.

The registration process is very simple. In order to register, the customer should press on the link in the received email, and fill in the relevant details such as: Username, Password, Password confirmation, First name, Last name, Address, Phone.

It is recommended to provide a simple username such as a company name.

Once registered, the customer can login with the registration details (username and password provided through registration) into:

Once logged in to the CRM portal, the customer will be able to download the latest software, firmwares, manuals, documentation and generate licenses for the management software.

Also the CRM contains a simple ticketing management  system, allowing the customer easily open maintenance & repair requests.

To get started, the customer can refer to the manuals available in the CRM portal which will guide him through the installation and initial setup processes:

– “How to install IdentyManage Software.pdf” – detailed explanation on how to install our management software

– “IdentyTech CRM.pdf” – detailed explanation on how to use a CRM portal

–  “IdentyManage – Quick enrollment guide.pdf” – quick start up guide

Our Support Team will be happy to assist in case of any questions or issues. Don’t hesitate to contact us at:

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