Identytech licensing system

IdentyTech Solutions has its unique licensing system.

Each copy of software requires its unique license, based on unique identifier of the computer (Hardware ID). It is impossible to run the software without a license even for a trial period.

Each IdentyTech customer receives an access to IdentyTech CRM account and the option to create a licenses, based on the number of the licenses that were purchased. Also, all the terminals purchased by the same customer appears on his CRM account.

Basic software license enables all standard features allowing the customer work with a terminals. The software will recognize and work only with the terminals that appears in the license file. While generating a license file, all the terminals purchased by the customer will automatically appear in the license. There is an option to manually choose the terminals that would appear within the license, in case the customer is registered as an “Integrator”(reseller).  In case that more terminals were purchased by the customer, license file can be easily updated by re-downloading a file from IdentyTech CRM (there is no need to generate additional license file).

In addition to a basic software functionality, there are various optional modules available. Those can be enabled by the license (modules are purchased separately and not enabled by the basic license). The license can be extended for additional modules while generating a license file in case there are additional modules credits available.

Each license that was created is permanent and cannot be deleted or transferred to another PC. There is no option to modify a Hardware ID after the license file was generated (basic license can be extended for use with additional modules by simply editing the license file, there is no need to generate additional license file).

The licenses are created by the customer itself, and NOT via sending the request to the Support Team.

In case there is no license credits available, please contact our Sales Team at:

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