No terminals appears in the software (in the search area)

There might be a various reasons for that:

  1. Check that the ports required by the application are added as exceptions in your firewall. Please note: Application’s installer is adding those ports automatically to the local firewall as exception during the installation. In case you have an additional (corporate) firewall that might block this ports through your network, please add the exceptions for the required ports manually.Click hereto see what ports are required.
  2. You computer has more than 1 active network connections. Please disable one of the cards (that is not used for communicating with the terminals) or assign the priority to the network card that is used for communicating with the terminals.
  3. Your license is does not contain this terminals. Please create a valid license or update a current license.
  4. The port 5001/1046 (unless changed) on which the search is operating might be use by another application or process. To verify that you can download a “TCPView” software that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system.Click hereto download. Close all other processes that are using the ports 5001/1046 and reopen the “Zones and Devices” window.

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