Software is installed but won’t start up

There might be a various reasons for this issue.  Check out one of the following steps in order to find a solution:

  1. Administrator privileges might be missing for your user account. The user account must have an administrative rights in order to access system folders and services. To fix this issue, run a software as an Administrator (Right click on the “IdentyManage Software” icon and choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu).
  2. The software does not have a valid license. In order to create a new license please copy your “Hardware ID” using the “Configuration manager”, log in into the CRM portal, navigate to “Licenses” section and generate a license for your PC.
  3. The database is inaccessible or connection string to database is incorrect. In case the software was installed using a remote “SQLServer” engine (SQLServer installed on another machine) please verify that the remote PC is online. In case the “Database connection” string is incorrect, please proceed with the following steps: Open the configuration manager, press “Settings” button and delete the value that appears in “Database connection string”. Click “Set” button in order to save the changes. Reopen the IdentyManage software. You will receive a message that there is no valid database connection is defined and automatically transferred to “Database Configuration” window. Choose desired “SQLServer” instance and click on “Test connection” button. Once you will receive a message of  successful connection, press “Save” button to apply new settings. The application will start loading.
  4. In case the software was upgraded from IdentyManage v8.15 or lower that was previously installed with “SQLite” database type. Delete the IdentyManage software and during installation choose “SQLServer” database type. (The installer will automatically install and create the required database.)
  5. The software was installed with “SQLite” database option marked through the installation instead of  “SQLServer”.  The “SQLite” database is no longer supported by IdentyManage software. Please uninstall and reinstall the software using one of the “SQLServer” database options.

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