What ports IdentyManage software is using? Do I need to open them in my firewall?

IdentyManage software is using the following ports:

TCP 5000:  Used for communicating with the terminals

UDP 5001 / 1460:  Used to search the units over the network.

TCP 5002: Used for receiving real-time monitoring notifications by the “Real-Time monitoring” service.

TCP 5003: User by PC identification service (remote identification)

TCP 5005: Used by the software to receive real time notifications from the “Real-Time monitoring” service.

TCP 1433:  Required in case IdentyManage software uses a remote SQLServer database.

Additional ports may be required while using custom modules.

It is required to open these ports in the firewall in order for the software to function properly. These ports are automatically added as a firewall exceptions on the local PC firewall,  through the installation of the IdentyManage software. In case you are using additional corporate firewall you need to open these ports manually.

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