AMAG Symmetry integration

Symmetry Access Control Solution combined with the IdentyTech palm vein recognition & fingerprint recognition terminals, gives you the edge you need for managing your site, whether it’s a high security environment, government regulated property or open campus setting. Adding the option of advanced biometric authentication to Symmetry security solution suite, enhances hardened security requirements in facilities across the globe.

Seamless integration

Manage biometric user records and readers directly from Symmetry

Multiple credentials

Ultra-fast authentication with Card, PIN and/or Palm vein / Fingerprint


Real-time notifications directly to Symmetry

The integration between Symmetry Access Control and IDT terminals provides users with flexible access options. Users can implement card only, card or biometric, card and biometric or biometric only access.

With multi-factor identification, Symmetry customers can ensure that their facility is only accessed by approved individuals and limits the security risk of stolen credentials.

How does it work?

The integration provides an ability to use IdentyTech access control IDT™ terminals with a Symmetry software.

The integration allows to configure and manage the IdentyTech terminals as well as enrollment and distribution of the biometric data to the IDT™ terminals from a Symmetry software.

The terminals will be assigned to existing “readers” that are connected to the controllers through the wiegand interface.