IdentyTech Visitors Management is an easy-to-use, web-based, enterprise class visitor management system. The IdentyTech visitor management system is also a part of IdentyTech access control solution which integrates a biometric access control terminals, video management, intruder alarm system management & much more.

Easy management

    •A system administrator can easily create additional roles (users) such as members (companies or residents) and operators (security officers)

    •Easily schedule a new visitors from anywhere by simply logging into your account on the internet

    •Check visitors in and out, including enrollment of a biometric data in order to distribute to access control units


    •Track who and where the visitors are visiting within a facility.

    •Monitor a “Black list” of a banned visitors

Paperless reporting

    •Monitoring of a scheduled visits and quick look up of visit details

    •Logging and tracking of all transactions

This manual is intended to help you learn how to use IdentyTech Visitors Management, in order to get the most from your solution.

How it works?

IdentyTech VisitorsGate™ system is a cloud based system. Each customer receives a proprietary domain address such as: The hosts (such as residents or companies within the facility) will be able to access the system by this URL. It is not required to be on site in order to schedule a new visitors, hosts can access the system any time from anywhere via the internet.

Together with an access control system (biometric terminals) installed on site IdentyTech VisitorsGate™ provides a customer with complete residential and visitors management solution. The VisitorsGate™ system also integrates well with an existing DSX vehicle barcode scanning system(in case such system installed on site).

Once a visors arrives on site, his driving license is being scanned at the one of the “Operator” stations. In case the visitor is found on the list of scheduled visits the system will automatically popup the visit details. In case the visitor is not scheduled, the operator has an ability to put a new invitation. In case the visitor was detected in black list, the system won’t allow to check in the visitor.

The site administrator is able to block the visitors in case he finds suspicious or they are defined as a trouble makers. Administrator of the facility is also responsible for registering new hosts (residents, companies etc.). Each host (member) registered at the system receives a username and password and able to login to the system to schedule a new visits.

System architecture

The system contains of the following components:

1. Visitor management application server on the cloud server accessible from the internet.

2. Local access control system which includes the following component

    • Access control management
    • Surveillance management (optional)
    • Integration with an existing DSX system
    • Barcode scanning system (optional)