IdentyManage is a unified management software with seamless integration and interoperability between modalities. IdentyManage provides an Integrated Multi Biometrics authentication platform, Facial Recognition, Surveillance module, Access Control Management, Card Management system, Visitor management module and 3rd party API’s.


Multiple operation modes

Terminals can perform a Standalone Authentication (processing is done by the terminal) or a Server Based Authentication which allows faster processing for a large scale databases.

Multi-credentials authentication

You can assign a unique access mode for every user or enforce a biometric terminal to work by the same access mode for all users.

Real-time monitoring

View, Classify and handle events seamlessly all in one place:  LPR, Cameras, Access control devices, Facial Recognition, CheckPoints etc.

Intuitive maps

With IdentyManage you can “build” your site. You can create logical or graphical site map to place doors with a biometric terminals, cameras, etc..

Seamless integration between the modules

IdentyManage provides various modules: Access control, Surveillance, License place recognition, Card managing and Printing, Visitors management,  Report generator, Checkpoints and more.

Restrictions management

Build, assign and manage access levels based on scheduling, expiration dates and holidays for each individual or by user groups.

Logins and roles management

Multi-Client Management with unique access permission based on administrator pre-defined credential rules. Roles are basically a predefined permissions that are assigned to the users registered in the system

API for easy integration

IdnetyManage provides a Rest API for integration with 3rd party Access Control solutions.

Mobile application

Our Mobile App provides you with ability to manage site, users, receive real-time monitoring alerts and on-demand facial and fingerprint recognition. Available for iOS and Android.


Facial recognition
Smart cards
Visitors management
Report generator
Card design
Elevators management
Deposit boxes

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