C-CURE 9000 Integration

Software House’s Unified management platform combined with the IdentyTech palm vein recognition & fingerprint terminals, gives you the edge you need for Complete biometric access control management for securing facilities or sensitive areas within your organization.

Adding the option of advanced biometric authentication to the C-CURE 9000 security solution suite, enhances hardened security requirements in facilities across the globe.

Users across multiple disciplines, including corporate enterprises, government and financial services, healthcare, schools and more, can now add the IDT™ biometric Palm vein & Fingerprint readers as part of a networked C•CURE 9000 solution.

Seamless integration

Manage biometric user records and readers directly from C-CURE 9000

Multiple credentials

Ultra-fast authentication with Card, PIN and/or Palm vein, Face or Fingerprint


Real-time notifications directly to C-CURE 9000 monitoring station

With C•CURE 9000 as the backbone, businesses can easily integrate higher levels of security with peripherals, such as IdentyTech’s biometric palm readers, to enhance their access control systems.

How does it work?

This integration provides an ability to use IdentyTech access control IDT™ terminals with a C-CURE 9000 software. The integration allows to configure and manage the IdentyTech terminals as well as enrolling and distributing of the biometric data to the IDT™ terminals from a C-CURE 9000 software. The terminals will be used as “readers” that are connected to iStar controllers through the wiegand interface.