The GateKeeper™

The GateKeeper™ Platform is a facial recognition software enabling efficient and accurate processing of faces from videos and live streams.

The GateKeeper™ is a fully scalable and interoperable platform for surveillance and physical access control. It allows you to easily manage and monitor access to doors, turnstiles, speed gates and any other entry point management by seamless integration with iDentyTech terminals.

System Components

  • 1

    Video Server

    On the fly face detection, Continuous tracking, Face alignment, Real Time monitoring, Spoofing prevention, Video streams management

  • 2

    Matching Engine

    Ultra-fast GPU powered platform with extremely low latency, Up to 1M face database, Recognition in real time, Multiple matching engines available, Can be hosted on the cloud

  • 3

    Management application

    Easy enrollment, Doors management, Restrictions management, Watch-list management, Real-time notifications, Mobile authentication for easy door access