The world’s First Contactless Vein Authentication

What is Palm Vein Recognition?


A biometric technology that authenticates users on the Basis of vein pattern recognition rather than iris scans or fingerprint readers.

The world’s first "Contactless Vein Authentication" technology developed by Fujitsu offers even more security and ease of use and overcomes previous problems related to security concerns.

PalmSecure™ Sensor


PalmSecure is a biometric authentication device that provides the highest level of security using palm vein authentication technology.

This technology is now able to be used in a wide range of situations thanks to reductions in size, reductions in cost, and simplification of development.

The Technology


PalmSecure emits near-infrared rays that are absorbed by deoxidized hemoglobin present in blood flowing through a user's palm veins.

This causes an image of the palm to be captured as a vein pattern, which is then verified against the user's pre-registered pattern to grant (or deny) access to a physical location or computer network.



• Contactless
Because of its contactless feature, it is very hygienic and stress free for even public use.

• High security & applicability rate
Difficult to forgery the palm vein data because it is inside the body. Almost everyone can use it. The only system at the market that gives 100% of ability to enroll.

• Easy to use
Just hold your palm over the device, it captures your vein pattern instantly. Will operate with all genders and ages.

• Authentication accuracy
The palm vein authentication realize advanced authentication accuracy because the palm vein pattern has many and large size of blood vessels. False Rejection Rate: 0.01%, False Acceptance Rate: 0.00008%

• Advanced algorithm
The algorithm creates a several tens of thousands of Minutia points, encrypting each image before converting into a template allowing for unique encryption keys for specific solutions.

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