Our team

Israel offices

Dr. Sammy Yeashoua

Chairman of the Board

30 years of experience in international marketing and corporate management.

Ephram Yeashoua

President & CEO

Over 18 years of experience in marketing Identity Management and biometric solutions in the USA and Europe. Serves as a director in several international companies active in the security industry. A member of the Biometric Committee for the Israeli Standard Institute, the Biometric Institute and a member of the International Biometrics and Identification Association.

Igal Ben Yair

Director of Access Control Solutions

Over 17 years of experience at the security market. Serves as security Consultant for governmental, army, and civilian large scale security projects.

Marina Golouboy

Director of Software Engineering

Over 10 years of experience in Software management and development of Multi Biometric solutions. Manages a team of software developers and is in charge of IdentyTech’s software solutions.